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A Laptop for Rishi

Last month Madam Saraswathy and her son Rishi came into my office seeking some help. Mdm Saraswathy is a single mom living in Desa Ria with three children. She has an eye disability but still does some work for an income of about RM600 a month. She wanted desperately to buy a computer for her eldest son, Rishi, a bright boy who appears to genuinely want to excel in Form 5 next year.

Considering my welfare allocation has been used up, I contacted one of my previous donors Annie from Sunway College to see if she knew anyone who might have a laptop to donate to this family, and she was kind enough to look into it.

Last night, Rishi received a laptop from a donor named Mr Ron Lew. The best part of the night was finding out that Rishi’s ambition is to become an aeronautical engineer.

Thank you to the donors for helping a single mother sustain her family in a time of hardship and for helping to equip Rishi with the tools to pursue his dream.


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