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A Message on the Seafield Temple

Below is a message from YB Wong Chen with regards to the Seafield Temple incident.

My office has been receiving a lot of questions and concerns on the Seafield Temple in the last few weeks. I have also taken several calls from reporters this morning after the scuffle/riot near the temple last night. YB Michelle Ng and I have on several occasions, raised the matter with the Selangor state government and also the National Unity Minister Waytha Moorthy from the Prime Minister Department.

However when asked to comment by the media, both Michelle and I have refrained from commenting. This is simply because the Seafield Temple is located in USJ 25 and as a result, people assume it is in the Subang Jaya constituency. To clarify, the Seafield Temple has never ever been in the Subang Jaya ADUN constituency and as such has never ever been in the Kelana Jaya/Subang Parliament constituency. So it is not under YB Michelle Ng or my supervision. The temple is in fact under the supervision of YB Ganabatirau (ADUN) and YB Mat Sabu (MP).

On the same matter, YB Ganabatirau has just issued the following statement.

There is a reported incident that came to my attention today regarding the intruders who created unnecessary racial tension in the Seafield Temple yesterday night. I outrightly condemn this cowardly action by a group of intruders who doesn’t have any authority to enter the temple with dangerous weapons and attacked the civilians in the temple.

The issue of relocation of the temple is an outcome from the tussle between two groups within temple administration. However, Selangor State Government stand with its decision that everyone need to abide with court decisions and rule of law should prevail. At the same time, the State Government is also facilitating the temple with the cooperation from temple management, the Task Force and relevant authorities to find an amicable solution for this issue.

Meantime, the attack by a group of gangsters who shows there are attempts to create disharmony among races who have been living peacefully all these while. I urged Police to investigate thoroughly on this incident and provide necessary protection to the civilians in accordance with Article 11 of our Constitution.

V. Ganabatirau Selangor State EXCO Member


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