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Welfare Month: Day 2

It’s the second day of welfare month. We’ve been working non-stop the minute we opened the office. There are lot of people in need of help in Kelana Jaya.

Still, things ran really smoothly! Abigail, Seng Zhao, and Jia Hui, my ever hard-working, community-serving team mates, jumped right into interviewing the residents as though they’ve been doing it their entire lives (To be fair, Jia Hui has actually been doing this for three years in a row). Amir, our ex-Operations Officer, even swooped in yesterday and today like a gallant hero to lend us a hand.

So far, we’ve received approximately 90 applications. Within the first two hours itself yesterday, we’ve already had 39 applications. Wong Chen later rewarded us with lunch and Milo ice cream, which was super duper nice.

The day’s nearly ending and there are still five applicants left. Here’s to hoping the month runs just as smoothly.


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