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A Week Of Intense Meetings

 I have just arrived at my office after spending the morning and afternoon in Parliament. I had a 9 am meeting with Parliament researchers and the protocols division. The meeting is in preparation of the AIPA working group on Climate Change. After that at 10 am to 1 pm, I joined some PAC members to greet and meet Bhutan Parliament’s PAC members. We had a good discussion on a wide variety of subjects including Bhutan’s famed National Happiness Index.

On a bit more news of my diplomatic engagements, I hosted a simple dinner in my home for the Cuban Ambassador, HE Ibete Hernandez and her husband Jose, together with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office Representative HE Anne Hung and Officer Charles Chou. I also invited YB Ng Sze Han (who is very close to Charles) and his wife Bee Eng. YB Larry Sng, who lives 1km from me, joined in too. We had a good chat on geo politics as well as domestic issues.

On yet another diplomatic engagement, I attended Europe Day on Wednesday night and caught up with my dear friends, the EU Ambassador HE Maria Castillo, and the Norwegian Ambassador, HE Gunn Jorid Roset.

Tonight my office together with YB Michelle’s office and JKP1 will sponsor a buka puasa event with the Subang Jaya Bomba.


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