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Achievement and Lost

I attended a long briefing by the New Zealand Clerk for the Defence Select Committee, Mr Siebert. He talked about the rules, management and shared experiences running select committees. The talk started at 9.30 am and ended at 3.30 pm. At lunch, I met up with PKR think tank advisors to discuss the state of the education policies.

Earlier this morning at 8 am, I had a meeting with the Parliament Research Officer to discuss Climate Change. I have been appointed to chair the AIPA Caucus Working Group on Climate Change, which will be held in KL in June. In fact my appointment was yesterday at another meeting in Parliament at 9.30 am.

Parliament is not in session, but my work on Parliamentary reforms have somewhat consumed a sizeable part of my time. Yesterday, I had two meetings in Parliament, one on AIPA and the other was a lunch meeting organised by YB Nik Nazmi where we met the principals of the Tent organisation, a refugees advocacy group. Tent is funded primarily by an entrepreneur who made his money in the yoghurt business, Hamidi Ulukaya.

I also squeezed in a bit of time for a meeting with a writer from Reuters. And then last night, I attended a community event, a Bomba appreciation night at Summit USJ.

Today is also the last working day for our officer Tina Lai. She served our office diligently and professionally for two years and will be joining the law firm RDL in a couple of months. I will be throwing a farewell party for her tonight at my home. Some 30 of my officers, interns and volunteers (present and past) will be turning up.

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