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After 16 Letters, USJ 1 is Finally having a Clinic

Yesterday YB Hannah Yeoh and I did a press conference at my office at 11.30 am.

When I took office in 2013, Hannah asked me to help her to push for this at the national level. In 2013 and 2014 I asked Parliament twice on the issue. Both the Parliamentary replies I got led us to absolutely nowhere. We were told that the matter is at the Selangor state level but yet we could not find any records whatsoever of any correspondences regarding the same. In the meantime we wrote to both ministries to seek further clarification.

Frustrated but unwilling to give up, in late November 2015, I devised a new strategy and instructed my office to send the same query letter to the Education Ministry every 2 weeks. The strategy was to harrass them with letters until they respond. The first officer received 6 of our love letters. He finally moved the query up and passed the matter to another more senior officer. We then sent another 10 love letters to the 2nd officer. After a total of 16 letters, someone in the ministry decided to do something and got the minister to finally sign the letter.


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