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All the Best to Our Ovis Aries!

Good evening, it’s Tania here! I hope you’re enjoying the (for Selangor, extra-)long weekend while it lasts because it’ll prolly fly by, much like how Joy’s eight-week internship with our office has just flown by!

Conquering Broga Hill was sweet; sending off Joy, bittersweet. She eagerly and earnestly tackled any task in the office, from small (fetching a glass of water) to big (helping draft Kak Wan’s parliamentary speech). Many of yesterday’s goodbye speeches praised her sociability and pleasant voice. Personally, she reminded me of me: also a Christian, also graduated in Australia, also swum against the brain-drain tide.

Thank you, Joy, for your service to Kelana Jaya and to Malaysia–we are sure the latter will continue!



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