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Appreciating The Underappreciated

18 November 2019

Good morning from Parliament. I got here at 8.10 this morning. I have two meetings before 10 am. As most of you know, I don’t sleep long hours, averaging 5 hours a night. So I am usually up and about at 6.30 am and since my house is 15 mins away from Parliament, I am usually very early and set my morning meetings in Parliament at 8.30 am.

Now most of you will never get to see the inner behind the scene workings of Parliament. The Parliament workers and officers get in around 7.30 am. They sort out all our order papers, arrange our desks and chairs, check our mics, test the video systems, vacuum and sweep. I usually banter with them for a few minutes, getting to know their lives, their worries and hopes. Many are just getting by with living wage and most are thankful for the steady work and good health services. One of the banteras (official dewan assistant to MPs) is from my former area of Kelana Jaya.

Also, YB Wee Jeck Seng just took his oath of office. This is a solemn and formal ceremony. However attendance is low from the Government side and almost full on the Opposition side. When will we get a house united for these occasions? The Speaker gentlemanly congratulated YB Wee on his victory. He is now seated at the back row in the Opposition side.

During question time, several BN MPs are making references to Tanjung Piai. There are no ministers in the hall this morning, six deputy ministers are on duty to answer questions.


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