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appreciation post

Hi, Paul Mae here. Today, we bid farewell to our intern, Adrean. Having interned with us for two months, Adrean assisted us in community work and parliamentary research. During his time here, Adrean proved to be a hardworking and capable individual. He will be going to Cardiff University to complete his Law degree next month. As he’s always such a bubbly guy, we’ve given him the nickname ‘Sunshine’! Here’s what he had to say about his time with us.

“Interning under YB Wong Chen is definitely a worthwhile experience for me. From parliamentary preparations to community work; everything in our job scope involves sheer dedication and impacts all levels of society. For community work, we are given the opportunity to have direct contact with constituents from all walks of life. On the national front, we are given the honour of assisting Boss in various aspects of parliamentary works. Therefore, don’t be shy! Send in your internship application now and join the fight for reformation! The P104 office is not just a policy office; we’re a family.”


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