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Back Home

It’s good to be back! I got back yesterday evening and went straight to bed.

Perth is nice. The weather is great, the parks are well kept and the seafood excellent. Greater Perth has about 2 million population and about 23,000 Malaysians living there. With YB Nik Nazmi and Melissa PKR Youth, we had a meet the community event with a small crowd of 30 people in a suburb 2 nights ago. I also took time off to visit my uncle and his family and also catch up with some friends.

With Perth residents, YB Nik Nazmi, and Melissa Sasidaran.

I have a busy day today to catch up on work, TPPA issues, Parliamentary speeches and party preparations for Anwar Ibrahim’s final trial next week 28th and 29th October. It’s going to be a trying and challenging time for all as we have to prepare for the worst case scenario of losing our leader.


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