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Back In The Office

29 November 2019

I am in my office today! It is so good to be back for a day, taking a short break from Parliament. I have been running my office from the Parliament building since October. My officers and interns will come to Parliament with documents to sign and also will arrange most of my appointments to be held in Parliament premises.

Today, I will be shooting my Monday Night Chat and also to welcome a new volunteer to my office, Adriana. I have a constituency matter to deal with, a victim of financial fraud. Otherwise I have locked in 4 hours of policy discussion.

On another matter, I must say that after the disastrous Tanjung Piai election, I wished that Dr Mahathir will announce a firm transition date to Anwar or at least reshuffle the cabinet to provide a new direction for Malaysia Baharu. So when he said he will reshuffle soon his cabinet a few days ago, I was somewhat hopeful.

However, I am disappointed to read today that he has changed his mind. He is entitled to think that his ministers are just doing great and all they need is even more time. But it would be better, if he listen closer to the ground on what the people are saying.

In Tanjung Piai, we lost all 27 voting districts. What is even more alarming (if that is even possible) is that we only won 1 out of 128 streams/saluran. In other words, we lost all the races, lost both rural and urban areas, and lost all age groups. What will it take before we do something positive? There must be a limit to even grand delusion.


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