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Bersatu and Muhyiddin as PM?

Good morning. Dr. M wants Muhyiddin to lead the Opposition and if we win, he will become PM. Well, we haven’t seen any real policies yet coming out from Bersatu, other than whoever becomes PM will only serve two terms (according to Mukhriz Mahathir).

Psychologically speaking, you can say that Bersatu is fixated on the PM post. Are they true reformists? Can the founder of a corrupt system, redeem himself as a saviour of Malaysia? I have said this many times, Bersatu has to get moving on policies quick. Are they for free press? Are they against corruption and will they renounce money politics? What are their anti corruption policies? Will they ratify all the UN conventions related to human rights? Will they reverse Operation IC in Sabah? Are they for greater Sarawak autonomy? Are they going to continue with the Bumiputera policies? Will they set up an oil and gas heritage fund? What are their economic plans? Are they for free trade? What’s their foreign policy? I am sure they can ask the NGOs surrounding them to knock up some ideas. Otherwise their sole mantra of replacing Najib with Muhyiddin as PM is just not going to inspire many of us.

Let’s be clear about the PM post. As far as I know, Pakatan Harapan’s current position is for Anwar to be PM if we win Putrajaya. Those in Pakatan Harapan who disagrees and prefers Muhyiddin should just say so. Can Anwar be PM? Of course, there will be an interim caretaker PM during the transition to enable Anwar to become PM.

But in the final analysis, the choice of PM is neither Pakatan Harapan or Mahathir to make. By way of Parliamentary convention, the person selected by the party or coalition that wins the majority of seats, becomes PM. In short, the person who commands the most support of MPs in Parliament becomes PM. So if Dr.M wants Muhyiddin to be PM, Bersatu better work hard and win a lot more seats in GE14.


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