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My office, former staff, volunteers and interns joined Bersih rally at 12 pm. We gathered in my house first for brunch of pumpkin soup, Shepard's pie and garlic bread. Everyone chipped in to cook up a storm to feed 13 of us. We drove to Bukit Tunku and took the commuter train to Bank Negara. There we marched to join the rest of our INVOKE Malaysia team. Over the next 6 hours, about 40 of us signed up 1,600 new Invoke volunteers. This Bersih 5 was a working event for me and my office. We did march to KLCC but we are most proud of achieving the sign up target. It was also good to catch up with the reporter yesterday, exchanging views on the Trump election and updating him on Rafizi’s sentencing. You can read the TIME Magazine’s article on the Bersih protest here.


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