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Can We Expect 2022 Full Elections?

Am in Parliament, preparing my notes ahead for the day. I like to come in an hour or two before Parliament starts. Parliament starts officially at 10 am. I have a meeting with Kak Wan and then another PAC hearing. Overall a less hectic Parliament day for me.

I also noticed that Bernama has covered my Parliamentary question on local government elections. See below. I just want to add that in the first session of new PH government in July 2018, I asked the same question. The then commitment was to have local government elections within 2 years. Now that timeline has been moved to a pilot election in 2021, so can we expect 2022 full elections? Might as well do it in conjunction with GE15!

KUALA LUMPUR: A Cabinet memorandum on the revival of local government elections is scheduled to be discussed in Parliament in June next year, following the preparation of a proposal paper by the Housing and Local Government Ministry.

In a written response published on Parliament’s website today, Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said a series of workshops on the feasibility of the proposed elections had been conducted by the ministry in 2018 and this year to facilitate the ongoing preparation of the paper.

She also clarified that the elections would not be held until Cabinet approval had been received in reference to the time period and cost involved.

Zuraida was responding to a question from Wong Chen (PH-Subang).

The workshops included discussions on proposed amendments to the Local Government Act 1976 with a proposal paper on the matter scheduled to be submitted for Parliament’s approval in October 2020, the minister said, adding that a pilot study on the proposed elections was expected to be undertaken in 2021, following approval by the Cabinet and Parliament. – BERNAMA


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