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Come Back and Join Us, Nightingale (You Know You Want To)

Hello everyone, I am back at work after a restful holiday in Penang. Ate too much and got a nice few days at the beach (hence the tan).

It’s good to catch up with my staff and interns. I spent the morning signing and dictating letters. Tina then got the camera out and directed our upcoming Monday Night Chat program. I also took time to review the policy papers of the interns. Kay Li’s paper on the homeless is progressing steadily. Paul Mae’s paper on the Temiar people of Kelantan is 99% ready.

Pauline, a supporter of our office dropped by to chat with the staff and interns too. She is currently visiting Malaysia. After lunch, Ms. YY, a biotech engineer gave a talk to the interns and staff on career opportunities and academia.

Today we said goodbye to Paul Mae. This is her last day as our intern and we will all miss her. Paul Mae showed great compassion and initiative in serving the community. She also voluntarily cleans the office and thanks to her nagging reminders to drink more water, a few of my kidney stones have passed out.

We are so impressed with her work and dedication that we have made an offer to her to join us as a full time staff when she graduates in May 2018.

Later tonight I will drop by YB Hannah Yeoh‘s youth talk program in Taipan. I will then rush back home to host dinner for academics and friends.


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