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Community Programs For All

This morning, I am now in the Institute of Strategic and International Studies for a roundtable on economic issues, chaired by YB Mustapha Mohamed. I will write a bit more about this later.

This posting is about the events that I attended last weekend. I am still trying to flush out my kidney stones; the good news is I am now on reduced medication. I am trying to do more things, rather than resting at home.

On Saturday, I had four events, three in Kinrara and one in Subang Jaya. On Sunday, I had two events one in Kinrara and the other in Subang Jaya. Most of the events are Ramadhan related, the focus being in the poorer areas of Subang. Before the events, the residents will take me around and show me their community problems and state of disrepair of their flats. My office will continue our policy of prioritising the needs of the poor.

Attached are many pictures of my weekend events. I want to thank all the organisers, JKPs and communities for all their efforts.


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