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Corpsman, Quartermaster, Honeybee, and Pun-isher: May the P104-ce Be with You

We had a very busy day at the office today. Half of the office visited the land office to deliver a lot of our office documents. I will write more about that issue next month. The rest of us prepared for Monday Night Chat, looked through the math for a new policy paper, recorded video segments and prepared internship letters.

Today was the last day for four of our interns; Sean, Megan, Melissa and Joel. We had a farewell lunch at Nando’s and then a farewell meeting at the office. Sean basically broke our record of longest serving intern, clocking in 6 months of dedicated work.


Close behind with 3 months of service each, are Megan and Melissa. Megan will be returning to our office for more punishments this summer and will officially join the office as a staff researcher in December.


Melissa was so sweet and thoughtful that she became the favourite intern of both Tania and Nadirah!


Joel did 2 months of service, shot lots of videos and annoyed the girls with puns and jokes.


Thank you guys for your service and dedication to Kelana Jaya. May the P104 force be with you always.


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