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Covid-19: Taking Extra Precautions

Good morning. In view of the fact that the Khazanah Covid 19 victim had contact with an ex minister and a deputy minister about 3 days ago, we have to take extra precautions on potential exposure.

Tests are being conducted on the ex minister and ex deputy minister. The ex minister and ex deputy minister have attended many political meetings during the week long crisis. PLEASE NOTE that both have not been found to be infected and that tests are ongoing. Health advisory action is self quarantine, if you have been in contact with a person, who was in contact with a Covid 19 victim.

In view of the above, the responsible thing is for me to self quarantine for today and tomorrow, until we get the test results of the ex minister and ex deputy minister.

Please do not panic, the main aim is to be knowlegable and help contain the spread. Those who have come in direct contact with a Covid 19 victim, should practice a bit of self quarantine discipline, and if sickly, to contact the hospital for tests. I am perfectly fine, healthwise this morning.

I will be working from home and will engage my officers via conference call at 10 am.


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