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Covid-19: Three New Cases in SJMC

My dear constituents of Subang,

I am sure you have read about the three cases of Covid 19 in Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC).

These happened on 26th Feb, 27th Feb and March 3rd.

The first victim had recently travelled to Italy and Singapore. The 2nd victim presumably contracted from the first and the 3rd was a medical staff who treated the first victim.

The government are in the process of identifying people with prolonged contact with the first victim. In addition, SJMC has take all stringent steps to disinfect and clean up its ER, medical premise and facilities.

There is no reason to panic but you have to take precautionary steps and make sure your family and friends adhere to them.

To repeat; wash your hands frequently, carry a hand sanitiser, no handshakes, if unwell immediately see a doctor, wear a mask if unwell, and avoid crowded areas.

If you had “secondary” contact, which is my case, where I had contact with an ex minister (cleared of Covid 19 on Monday) who had direct/primary contact with Covid 19 Victim no. 26, it is still advisable to self quarantine for 2 weeks.


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