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CSR Projects in Desa Ria

A big thank you to the CSR donors for our Desaria staircase repair project. Prior to this, the staircases of Desaria were in a terrible state. Vandalised and most of its metal rails stolen by drug addicts. It was a safety hazard for all, especially children.

So in early February this year, we started looking for solutions. As we could not raise sufficient funds from the state, we looked for corporate sponsors. We got an architect on board, engineers and quantity surveyors to do free work for us. Once we worked out the budget, we then looked for funds.

After we raised sufficient funds, work started in August. Project was completed on time and within budget. We raised RM90,000 for all 12 staircases. The open tender process was handled by Clement Architecture and JUBM, free of charge. The main CSR corporate donor gave us RM50,000 but wishes to be anonymous.

Today, we also received RM1,250 from a group of Taylor’s college students who raised money for our Tabika Desaria project. We gave the tabika a small library a few months ago. However much more work is needed. Again we planned the process and raised funds. Work on the tabika will focus on tiling, painting and installation of extractor fans. Work will start when the tabika has a 2 weeks holiday in end November.

This week we are also rolling out communal lights for corridors with some 100 units, courtesy of the 1Utama Group. The original communal lights were also stolen by drug addicts.

Lastly, a very big thank you to my volunteer team of Leong, Ho, Phang and Wyhow. They did the run around, met the residents, chased donors and handled contractors. They are the real heroes of Desaria.


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