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Day 1 of PKR Congress

December 7, 2019

The PKR Congress kicked off at 9.15 am. Opening speech by Secretary General Saifuddin Nasution. He informs the crowd that PKR membership has hit 948,000. We started with 4,000 members. He reminded the members that the political journey of PKR has been long and arduous and not to forget our mission of Reformasi.

Anwar just delivered his opening speech. He started by apologising to all on the unruly gathering of the youth congress yesterday and promised that the culprits will be sacked and he has asked the police to arrest, investigate and charge the rioters without fear or favour.

Since this convention is in Melaka, he talked about history, classic poetry, and how the Melaka sultanate collapsed when betrayal, treachery and infighting prevailed. He warned that we as a party, we must learn from this history.

He stressed that we must weed our corruption, and change to a better system. He reminded all members not to forget our roots, that this party is a reformist party and that reform is still urgent and relevant, even in the Pakatan Harapan government. The systemic reform agenda must continue. He also stressed that PKR is a multi racial party and must resist, at all cost to being one race centric.

Anwar then launched into several policy points; addressing low wages, unemployment and on the weak economy. He acknowledged that PH has inherited many economic problems, but he urged that PH going forward must reform, and no longer hide behind excuses of the faults of the previous BN government.

He warned our top PKR leadership not to promote others at the expense of the people and the party. Using historical analogy, he warned those in power not to be stupid and even if we have to fight internally, we still cannot betray the hope and trust of the people.

He explained that he recently organised a forum in Penang on Islam and Confucianism. To move forward as a nation, different beliefs can and must find common grounds to exchange views and learn wisdom and goodness from each other. He said he does fear been branded by his opponents as a multi-racialist.

He also addressed the Tanjung Piai results and ask all PH leaders to pay serious attention to this wake up call. He reminded all leaders that we were given mandate by the people to rule with justice, not a mandate to be arrogant with power.

He also addressed several global issues; economics of unbridled capitalism, climate change and inequality.

In winding up, he admitted that he has had his share of faults. That many loyalists are unhappy of late. He urged us to remember the party history, all the dark days, all the struggles, the incarcerations. We can have different views, but he assured that he will not tolerate those that will break the party. He urged loyalists to see the bigger picture.

In closing, he stressed that this is a party not for cronies or the rich. This party is for the rakyat, it is for reforms, it is for justice. Reformasi!

At 2.50 pm, some 100 supporters of Azmin led by Tian Chua, staged a walk out, as reported by news. There are at least another 500 party members waiting for seats just outside the hall. So the newly emptied seats were quickly filled within minutes. A 100 persons walkout is regretable but nothing much in terms of impact since the total participants for the day is around 1,900 people.

Syed Badlishah just gave a rousing speech on behalf of the AMK. He reminded those that betray the party with unruly behaviour will face disciplinary consequences.


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