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Day 2 of PKR Congress

December 8, 2019

I am in Melaka for the 2nd day of the PKR Congress. The event started at 9 am and is expected to end around lunch. Yesterday, state PKR and delegation representatives gave their speeches. Today the senior leadership will be delivering their speeches in response to speeches of the delegation.

The event started with a Reformasi song followed by a unity friendship song led by singer Yasin Sulaiman, joined by Anwar, Kak Wan and the central leadership. Its a packed hall today and the mood is very good.

We have had a few good speeches. However, YB Akmal of Johor Bahru, leader of AMK gave the most direct speech so far.

He had to go through hell in the last few days at the youth congress, as such his speech was very direct and blunt. I won’t reproduce what he said, but will just reproduce his ending poem below.

Setiap perjuangan selalu melahirkan sejumlah pengkhianat dan para penjilat

Jangan kau gusar, saudaraku..

Setiap perjuangan selalu menghadapkan kita pada kaum yang bimbang menghadapi gelombang

Jangan kau kecewa, saudaraku..

Setiap perjuangan yang akan menang selalu mendatangkan pahlawan jadi-jadian dan para jagoan kesiangan

Memang demikian halnya saudaraku.

Anwar just gave his closing speech. The speech ends a very important convention in PKR history, a crossing of the Rubicon. He has heard the delegation. He is ready to act decisively and move forward.

His speech started by acknowledging that the congress has been tiring and testing. With more than 80% of the delegates here for the second day, he is assured that the party is in fact intact.

Anwar admitted he is a very patient man, a very forgiving man, sometimes so much so that his loyalists are angry with him. Still, he will entertain any mediations, but he warned that he also has limits. He assured the delegation that he will listen closest to their views. He said he can tolerate walkouts, criticisms against him but he will not tolerate corruption in the party.

Anwar also addressed the issue about the fiery speeches delivered in the congress. He had advised all speakers to moderate their respective speeches but he cannot and would not control the content. So for those unhappy with the speeches, they must wake up that the speakers represent the voice of the delegation.

As to allegations that his speech about Sekitol yesterday had targeted Azmin, he said he was just relaying history to warn the party. He pointed that history teaches us to be alert, to prepare and to improve. For those who felt wronged, it is best that the person change his characteristics for the better.

Anwar acknowledged that the main message from this congress is the need for stronger discipline. He said with more than 80% of the delegates are with his leadership, the 10% to 12% balance can decide themselves what path they wish to take. However moving forward, the party will not hesitate to take stern disciplinary actions against members who work against the party. Because ultimately, the vast majority of the delegates want PKR to stay united under his leadership for the ultimate goal of reforms for the people.

Anwar also said if members are no longer interested in reforms, but only interested in power and positions, these useless members should please leave the party. Anwar said that he will continue to listen to the ground sentiments and exercise wisdom to resolve all issues.

Ultimately, he said the party must focus on effective reforms to deal with inequality, poverty, unemployment. And that institutional reforms will be his priority and by that extension, the priority of a united PKR.


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