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Desa Mentari Survey by Sunway University Students

This morning some 70 business administration students from Sunway University are assisting my office and interns to do a complete socio-economic data survey of Desa Mentari.

About 2 months ago, we had a trial run and completed the survey of Block 1. Today, we will complete another 7 blocks, essentially Block 2 to Block 8.

I also took the opportunity to visit 4 of my constituents who are in severe health crisis. There is a common pattern of urban poverty; extremely poor health. I met a 61 year old diabetic lady who has a gangrenous foot but refused treatment. Another lady of 55 years old is partially blind and immobile. A 45 year old man with crippling and deformed gout in his ankle, wrists and fingers. I also met a woman who has withered legs.

The survey is essential to enable my office to better understand my poorest constituents. It is extremely frustrating that my office has had no viable data from both the Federal and Selangor State government to work with. So when all else fails, you just have to do it yourself. And thank God, today the Sunway students came to my rescue. Many thanks to the Annie from Sunway University for organising the students.


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