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diplomatic meetings

Today I had a meeting with Mr. Muslim and Mr. Abdullah from the Palestinian cultural centre in KL. I am trying to hold my first International Relations and Trade hearing on the subject matter of improving trade ties between Malaysia and Palestine. This hearing will try to take advantage of the presence of Al Quds Parliamentarians having a conference in KL in February 8th and 9th.

I also had a meeting with Luke Ravenscroft from the famous UK Behavioural Insights Team. We had a good chat on policy making and nudge. I bought and read the Nudge Unit book in 2016 and my former officer Tania Loke is currently working for them in London.

Mr Prakash from Desa Ria, my former constituent dropped by to have a chat and to invite me to his upcoming event. Yak Chee PIBG also dropped by with some CNY apples for my office. Lastly, we said goodbye to our intern Tuva today. I will put up a separate posting on that later.


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