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Donation for GE13?

More questions than answers. If the RM 2.6 billion was given by donors, did the donors pool their money together and then appointed one or two persons to deposit two tranches totaling RM2.6 billion? Wow that is a lot of trust given to the depositor(s).

The bigger issue is what was the “donation” for? We know that it was made in mid to late March 2015, less than two months before the General Elections 2013. The strong conclusion is therefore it was used for GE13.

Here are some facts: there are 222 Parliamentary seats and 505 ADUN seats in Malaysia. If every BN seat received equal funding from this pool of RM2.6 billion, every BN candidate should have received RM3.6 million each. Assuming all the above is correct, the question in the minds of every single GE13 BN candidates is : where is my RM3.6 million? Whatever happened to honour among thieves?

This could be the explanation why so many UMNO guys are upset with Najib.


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