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DuSable and 1MDB – Deal or No Deal?

The Sarawak Report has picked up my press conference on the DuSable & 1MDB and pursued the matter even further. The website reveals that “the Government of Malaysia” paid DuSable USD 524,000 in fees for various services from 30th September 2013 to 19th March 2014 relating to the “Solar energy project in Malaysia”. This statement of accounts (see below) is part of a declaration made by DuSable to the US Department of Justice. The most revealing items of the accounts are the legal fees totalling USD290,000 paid to a US law firm and the local law firm of Skrine. These payments suggest that the parties must have concluded and signed an agreement. What agreement or deal did the parties conclude?

Yet, last week in a written reply to me, PM Najib insists that there is no “joint venture” relationship between 1MDB and DuSable on the solar power project in Kedah. Then what are these payments for?

I wonder who is not telling the “entire” truth? Najib or Frank White Jr. (fundraiser for Obama) of DuSable?


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