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Eat, Pray, TPPA

Like I said at the start of last week, my office will eat and sleep TPPA for the next 2 weeks. This morning, I joined Kak Wan at the MITI briefing. I also had the chance to clarify an issue with MITI minister and PwC.

My staff and interns on the other hand, were in the office being trained by Sanya Reid, an international trade lawyer from Third World Network.

Sanya has been a good friend to my wife and I. For the last few years when she is in KL, we will take her out for a meal and catch up on policies and news. Today, Sanya spent the day at my office and basically guided my researcher Nadirah and my 4 interns as they continue to plough through the TPPA text.

I caught up with her at 3pm and learnt a few more things. Sanya is a walking encyclopedia on international trade. YB Gooi Hsiao Leung, who is actively working with me on TPPA, also had an hour with her discussing foreign policy and agricultural issues.

Sanya Reid, YB Gooi Hsiao Leung, my office staff and interns, and I during our TPPA dicussion


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