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Electoral Reform Conference

13 November 2019

Good morning. I am at the Mixed Member Proportional electoral system talk organised by Bersih and Engage. Wong Chin Huat has invited my office to attend. As you may know, we have been working with Chin Huat on electoral reform policies in the last two months. He has been briefing electoral reform ideas to my team and several MPs in Parliament.

The challenge we face, which is a recurring and common theme nowdays, is to find the political will to support electoral reform. Until we have a new leadership direction, we can only prepare the groundwork for future reforms. Electoral reform is of course, one of the most important reform that we must pursue before GE15.

Today is Day 2 of the forum. On Day 1, my officers and interns attended the event. I will be attending the two briefings on the German and NZ systems and then head back to Parliament until 5pm, before heading back to my office for Constituency Service Night until 10 pm.

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