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End Jan Updates

February 1, 2019

On Wednesday night (30th January 2019), I gave a 2 hour talk on the thorny matter of lack of reforms followed by a q&a with the Catholic community of Kinrara. It was really good to get to know my new constituents. They had very good questions and views. I want to thank the Church of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, Father Albert and Bridget for being gracious hosts.

On Thursday night (31st January 2019), together with YBs Sivakumar and Steven Choong, I attended the dinner hosted by the Cuban Ambassador HE Ibete and her charming husband Jose. Ibete showed my some great art work from Cuba and her strong Cuban coffee is most excellent (but kept me awake all night). I was appointed chair of the Cuban Malaysian MP friendship group about two months ago. We discussed geo politics and in particular Venezuela and the US sanctions on Cuba. In return, I have extended an invitation to HE Ibete to give a talk in Parliament when we sit again in March.


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