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Extended Response to Willie Mongin

Good morning.

When I posted a reply to Willie Mongin’s FB comment on 23rd May, I did not expect more than 200,000 views and 1,800 comments.

Many asked questions about the GST report and my position during the hearings. Did I cover up for DAP? Did I instruct Willie Mongin to “let DAP handle it”? Some asked “was the GST money ever stolen”? Some even claimed I am a DAP MP!

I re-iterate, I did not ask Willie to “let DAP handle it”.

In fact, I was critical of my own PH government, doing my job as a PAC member, asking difficult questions to MoF officials, pursuing the truth without fear or favour. You may choose not to be believe me, but you are most welcome to fact-check all my recorded statements of the hearings.

You can fact-check the 484 pages of the PAC report of the GST issue, at the Official Parlimen Malaysia website:

Two days ago, after the Hari Raya break, I instructed my officer to carefully go through the entire Public Accounts Committee hearing reports on the GST, noting down the number of times I asked questions, commented and/or interjected witnesses during the proceedings. It took a bit of time to calculate this.

In total, I asked questions, commented and/or interjected 204 times during the entire PAC hearings relating to the GST. I have attached 3 snapshots of examples of my 204 questions. These are not “cover up” questions but clearly meant to uncover the truth.

My officer also calculated how many times Willie Mongin asked questions, commented and/or interjected during the entire GST proceedings. This was much easier to do.

Willie asked questions, commented and/or interjected…… a grand total of 3 times. Yes, 3 times. He managed to ask questions, commented and/or interjected only 3 times throughout the entire 5 hearings that he took part in (btw he also missed 3 hearings). Willie Mongin has an astounding record of 0.6 question per hearing.

These are the three questions he asked in the entire PAC hearings:

1. On 16th October 2018, Willie said (see picture):

“Sorry Datuk, Puncak Borneo. Okey, so sebab kita pun sudah dengar daripada mula tadi, so kalau duit ini tidak hilang, so kita pun berpendapat why are we here, what are we discussing? [Ketawa] Because if we just mismanagement of fund, I think….”

2. On 16th October 2018, Willie said (see picture):

“Okey, tetapi just now they said money itu tidak hilang tetapi here so when we asked, where is that money and they also cannot tell us where is that money. So it’s actually a contradicting our statement. Kalau dia ada, di mana? Kalau kita mempunyai kemampuan untuk bayar, duit itu kena ada. So because we have the duty here to tell what is happening. So, if it really mismanages of fund then we have to track. I am sure we can do that. So, I think we want to listen where is the money now. I think as simple as that. Thank you.”

3. On 14th November 2018, Willie said (see picture):

“Puncak Borneo. I think I agree with Yang Berhormat Menteri Tuan Lim Guan Eng. I think that is very wrong because I think if we delegate the thing, he has to not only put it in writing but he must make sure that this power is devaluates to this person in a formal manner. But from what we have investigated so far, I don’t think we have any glaring evidence that, that has been done. So I think this is totally wrong. I fully agree.”

There are grammatical and spelling errors in all 3 of his statements, but note that these are the official records of Parliament and are not edited by me.

You can decide yourself, whether Willie did his job effectively as a PAC member from his three questions.

Note that in his last question, Willie was clearly agreeing and supporting YB Lim Guan Eng. But after Willie joined his boss Azmin and jumped to the backdoor government, he has since changed his tune.

While people can change their political position, you cannot change the official records of Parlimen Malaysia.

The truth of the matter lies in the official records.

I would caution my readers to be very wary of words and allegations from any jumping politicians.

Now, finally let me address the last two issues, asked by many.

Was the GST money stolen?

PAC found no money was stolen (see picture). This is on page 50 of the PAC report.

Lastly, in reply to the most ridiculous allegations by some comments; I have never been a DAP member and therefore I am not a DAP MP. I joined PKR in 2009 and am a PKR MP, first representing Kelana Jaya and now, Subang.


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