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I will be heading back to KL from Singapore, after lunch today. We have had an easy 5 day break in Singapore. Saw my mum, brother, sis in law and nephews. My wife caught up with her Singaporean uncles, aunties, cousins and nephews and nieces. In many ways the lives of Malaysians and Singaporeans are intertwined and linked by family ties.

We ate some good hawker food, ate chicken rice at Far East Plaza, excellent laksa at the Tanglin Club (thank you Ruth), took public transport, celebrated a quiet Christmas of nasi padang, went to a friend’s church Christmas service, had a pizza night, saw the solar eclipse, I had a lot of afternoon naps, went to Orchard Road (saw Christmas lights), visited the Tintin shop, played badminton, prayed at a Tibetan temple, and went for walks at the Botanical Gardens.

This was a reasonably cost effective holiday since we drove down and stayed in my in-laws apartment. We will be back for a day in Kuala Lumpur before driving up to Balik Pulau tomorrow to stay in a farm for 3 days. We are trying to squeeze in maximum time with the kids before work starts. They do grow up so fast.


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