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First Event for 2018!

Good morning from the Pakatan Harapan convention. Before I report on the proceedings of the convention, I want to recap my community events yesterday.

My first community event of 2018, was a joyous one. I attended the church wedding of Kai Khen and Yee Vonne in the morning. Both are former interns of YB Hannah, so I suppose this was some sort of office romance. Wishing them a very happy life together.

At night I attended the USJ 9 Christmas and New Year event. The united RA and RT of USJ 9, never failed to deliver good food and good company. I gave a short speech on the economic outlook and thanked the organisers.

After that I attended the Block 3 Desa Mentari malam bakti. The event is organised to thank all the committee members for their hard work in 2017. Block 3 is the best urban poor flat in my constituency and recently won a RM20,000 grant. En. Jalaluddin and En. Halim run Blok 3 without politics and are very focused on welfare of the residents. On the recent passing of a resident, the committee raised a substantial amount of money for the widow. This kind of community spirit in usually absent in the richer neighbourhoods.


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