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First steps in office reopening

Hello, Ivan here! Our service centre is still closed today but we entered the office at 8 am with Wong Chen to prepare for our reopening. We are still planning out how to make sure constituents who come to our office, practice social distancing. We are also still in the process of buying necessary things such as additional masks and sanitisers.

Every constituent who wants to enter office will have to go through a temperature scan before they can enter the office and we will also take down their particulars. We will be limiting the number of people in the office at any given time so that there will be ample space to maintain a distance from one another and limiting the duration of each constituents.

We will update everyone on our working hours once we finalised everything. Sanitise your hands frequently and practice social distancing when going out. Stay safe everyone!

May 5 2020 – New guidelines for the reopened office


Our office will open tomorrow from 10 am to 4pm.

After much deliberations with my officers and volunteers, the following is our SOP and rules for visits to our office.


1.0 Working days and hours:

1.1 Open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. Office hours are 10 am to 4 pm.

1.2 Wednesday service night is suspended until MCO is fully lifted.

1.3 Close on Tuesday and Thursday; our officers will work from home instead.

2.0 Appointments and walk-ins:

2.1 Walk-ins are highly discouraged. Officers reserve the right to convert walk-ins into near future appointments.

2.2 Prior appointments are highly encouraged.

2.3 If you wish to make an appointment, please email to Alternatively, you can call 03-8080 7918.

3.0 Scope of Services

3.1 Since 97% of our community budget was cut effective 1st March, the office will severely limit requests for welfare aid.

3.2 Note that limited welfare cases will be conducted by telephone and not by walk-ins and appointments. Welfare walk ins will be turned away and processed by telephone instead. This move is to prevent a rush of welfare visitors, and to ensure safe social distancing for all.

3.3 The office has completely stop community projects, as such we will not consider any such requests.

3.4 The office also does not have any money to contribute to community events, and as such will not consider any such requests.

3.5 We will continue to provide services of signature attestations, school transfer requests, complaints against federal government bodies, general legal advice, and citizenship matters by appointments.

3.6 All matters related to federal government policies will be considered and conducted by appointments.

4.0 Rules for Visitors

4.1 Only one visitor per case. No family or group visits. Children will not be allowed in.

4.2 All visitors will be required to pass a temperature test (below 37.5 degree celsius) at the gate before allowed in.

4.3 Visitors have to keep one meter apart, while waiting at the stairs.

4.4 Visitors are highly encouraged to come with mask and will be required to hand sanitise at the door.

4.5 Once in, all visitors will be seated one meter apart. Please note that there is only room for four visitors at any one time.


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