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food Trippin in New york

Now that my official work is done, I have one day left in New York. What I intend to do, like a good Malaysian, is to makan. Makan is more important than the sights. So far, I have been finding time to do a bit of food sampling, trying out quintessential American/New York food.

I had a NY strip dry aged steak at Davio’s (ok-la), a fantasatic avocado toast also at Davio’s for breakfast. I am staying at Club Quarters and Davio’s is the anchor restaurant. But essentially free makan, so cannot complain too much lah.

For cheap and best street food, I had an excellent hot dog at Gray’s Papaya, awesome tacos from Dos Toros Tequira (the Los Tacos No. 1 queue was way too long), and a very nice pizza at 99 Cents Fresh Pizza. All within 15 minutes walking distance from my hotel. That helps since it has been a bit rainy yesterday evening.

Today is my free day and I have three simple makan targets. I will head downtown to makan pastrami and rye at Katz’s Delicatessen, makan a cheese burger (haven’t decided where, will do google reviews but maybe shake shack) and then sample the famous cronut from Dominique Ansel. For dinner, I will be catching up with my former intern, Kali. She promises some cajun food near Hudson Bay, where she lives.

On a side note, I met Rupert Jee (from The Late Show) at his Hello Deli and bought two t-shirts. My son and I are big fans of Stephen Colbert!


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