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Free Medical Camp at USJ 1 Angsana Flats

At 8.30 am this morning, we started the USJ 1 Angsana free medical camp. YB Hannah joined my event and for once my office returned the favour of organising an event in Subang Jaya.

The camp started slowly so Tim and I went around the flats with a loud hailer each to drum up the local residents. Later Amir and Mr Phang did the same on a truck.

By 10 am, the number of patients seeking medical aid started coming in. When the program ended at 3pm we have broken all previous medical camp records.

The medical camp was made possible with the support of Community Excel Services, World of Life and Save Ones Sight Mission. Today we served a whopping 360 residents with free medical check up and free medications. Thank you to the doctors, the pharmacists, the medical students and the volunteers. Congratulations and a very big thank you to all.

I am especially proud of my volunteers corp, led by Mr. Leong, Ho, Phang, Wyhow who got everything organised and done! It was also very nice to see some of my former interns Ying Ning, WWW, Ashley, Nick, MX, Ann Charlotte, Jia Hui helping out today.


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