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Girl has full chance of recovery

Yesterday we had our service night and I managed to catch up with Mr. Phang, a constituent from PJS 7. About a year ago, YB Hannah and I visited his little daughter who was just diagnosed with leukemia. The husband and wife have 2 other school-going kids and also supporting an aging parent. Back then, my office was still sorting out the accounts of the previous MP and as such, we had no funds for her treatment. The mother quit her job as a restaurant worker. The father had taken on a second job and I bumped into him cleaning up the ss15 community hall late one-night last year.

When we sorted out the accounts, my office gave the family RM1,000 as welfare aid. Hannah is also giving substantial support to the family too. Then a company came in and topped up another RM1,000 in Giant food vouchers, which we give out in stages. He was there yesterday to collect some vouchers. The good news is the girl is doing very well. The father says that she is much more cheerful and she has another 1 year of treatment. If all goes well she may have a full recovery.


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