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Goodbye, “Astroboy”!

We said goodbye to our intern Eugene today. Eugene’s internship was for exactly one month. He heads back to Perth tomorrow to continue his degree in engineering and music.

Clever and curious, Eugene asked a lot of probing questions during our policy discussions. He also has fully formed views despite being only 20 years old. It is not a surprise that this young man has a full university scholarship from a major Australian corporation. Eugene represents the type of talented and clever Malaysians that we must try to entice to stay and rebuild Malaysia. We hope that the short intership has given him some motivation and reasons to consider serving the nation.

While he did not manage to attend Parliament, he carried out his community service work very well. He is naturally friendly and handled community complaints and issues with courtesy and respect. The officers Abigail and Tina adore him.

We are particularly blessed to have had so many talented musicians as interns of late. Eugene played the piano with finese during our Christmas party. He also took part in our Monday office badminton sessions. We will miss him and we look forward to his return for a longer internship at the end of this year.

Lastly, just a quick note about our internship program. This is a year round program and with the support of our internship donors, has grown over the years. The purpose of the internship is to engage bright and committed youths to a larger sense of mission; to serve others and make Malaysia better for all.


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