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Goodbye “Baby Driver”!

Today we said goodbye to our intern Cassandra Chung. Due to the budget debates, Cassandra came over to Parliament to say goodbye to me. We had a long chat about her future and I gave her a long lecture on 3 global issues. I also advised her to do 3 things in her future professional life: (a) be on time; (b) take responsibility for any errors; and (c) to continuously improve.

Cassandra served in my office for one month and performed well in both research and community work. She has a bubbly, go-getting character. She is also a team player, getting along with the officers and fellow interns. The one thing I will always remember about Cassandra is her driving me to INVOKE Malaysia for an event. Cassandra blames this hair raising experience on my car’s “too sensitive” brakes!

I also understand that Wyhow bought a load of satay Kajang and Texas Chicken for her final day dinner in the office.

We will all miss having her super smile in the office.

Cassandra, do drop by and visit us when you have time. Once you join the P104 family, you can never, ever, really leave.


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