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I stayed home today since I have a back and shoulder pain and a bit of sore throat. No fever. Mr. Leong, my chief volunteer represented me at the Guan Di Temple event this afternoon. Yesterday, I had a two hour Web seminar with Malaysian students studying in Wales.

On Friday, we said goodbye to our intern Daniel Gan. Daniel interned with us for two months plus and will be heading back to Australia to continue his studies.

Daniel was an exemplary intern; he had a lot of political questions, always searching for answers to better Malaysia; hence the nickname “the patriot”, given by Paul Mae. He had a good grasp of public policies, contributed in discussions and got along with everyone.

He was always ready to help with office work and he did our graphics. He also played guitar and sang at our Christmas party, and conducted the CNY video. I advised him to continue to be critical, to be inspired but not to hero worship, and to take his time before rushing into politics.

Lastly, he showcased his great organisational skills when he organised the ANLS 2020, where I gave a talk on sustainability. The P104 office wishes him all the best and look forward to his visits and if he chooses, a 2nd internship in the future.


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