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We said goodbye to our interns Eun and Joyce on Friday lunch. We also had a soft goodbye for Officer Dhinaa. This posting is about the interns. I will get Paul Mae and Alethea to write a bit more about Dhinaa in a separate posting.

Eun is one of our go-getter interns. She did her masters in political science at the Australian National University and joined my office full of questions and interests in Malaysian politics. She came as part of the package with former intern Marcus. She settled down quickly and got down to work. Always eager to learn and help, she was tasked to look into the minimum wage policy with Joyce. Eun will be heading off to either join an international PR firm or a start-up; whatever she decides, I am certain she will succeed. Good luck Eun and do drop by and see us from time to time!

As stated above, Joyce worked on the minimum wage policy paper with Eun. She is aiming to head back to the US to do her masters in political science. Always cheerful, kind and willing to help, she brought a good and happy vibe to the office. Since she has another 9 months before going back to her studies, we have asked her to do a second tour, whenever she wants. We wish her happy travels and we look forward to having her in the office again soon.


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