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Goodbye, my friend

16 December 2019

I was at the wake for my football/futsal friend, Yeo Eng Poo, yesterday. I went to the service at 11.30 am and met up with his current football team. Of his current football team mates, I only know Senthil and Keng Boon. Yeo was a midfielder of the Redface Garudas FC, the current Champion of R2 division in the Masters Football League. After being diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago, Yeo continued to play competitive football until he had to stop recently.

I also went back to the night service around 8 pm and met up with my former futsal team. According to Tony, his last game with the futsal team was in April this year. Yeo was only 54, he was one of the fittest amongst us, a determined, quick and strong player.

I stopped playing futsal soon after I was elected in 2013. So, it was great to see the guys again after so many years and talk about the days. My elder brother, Yeo and I started the football/futsal team in 1995.

We formed a merged team from their classmates and friends, with my classmates and friends. Over the years, the team has diversified and expanded, people joined and dropped off, friends brought other friends. No politics, all races involved, including foreigners; football is where we re-live our glory schooling days and for the pure joy of playing this great sport!

Yeo is survived by his wife Winnie, his two daughters Amanda and Amber. Many years ago, Yeo lost his three month old baby son, Nicholas. His brothers and sisters believe that Yeo is now in heaven, reunited with his son.

Yeo was a big Liverpool fan, like my brother and I. May you rest in peace, my football brother. You will never walk alone.


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