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Goodbye, “Sniper”!

We said goodbye to our intern Sean Ferdinand today. Sean interned with us for almost 3 months and did well in policy and legislative research. He got to witness and help us out at the last Parliament session. He also performed very well at the community front, handling community complaints and issues with tact and respect. Despite his conservative clean cut appearance, he is friendly, witty and fun. He is also extremely modest; I only found out that he did his masters in Oxford University today.

At our Christmas party he played the guitar and sang very well. He got along very well with our domestic helpers too. One of our supporters remarked that he will make “an ideal son in law”.

Sean will be joining a top law firm in KL. We wish him all the best and expect great things from him. The P104 officers, Tina and Abigail presented him an army dog-tag with the call name “sniper”. The army tag tradition was started by former staff Amir and the girls also presented one to Kevin yesterday with the call sign “Confuciu-n”.


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