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Government to Deduct Benefits Allowances of Civil Servants

Three new bills presented for debate by UMNO BN arrived on our table at 9 am. Since I arrived early, I had a quick read. Then it was read by the minister immediately at 11.30 am and said that these are scheduled to be debated in the next few days.

The speed and secrecy of this bill is always a giveaway that the government has a controversial bill and intends to ram it through. The bill allows for the government to deduct pay, allowances, pensions, grants from judges, junior policemen and armed forces to settle outstanding debt for public sector housing.

Politically this is suicidal for UMNO BN since nearly all in these groups are Bumiputeras. Whilst the legislation is a question of law, the drive to push these legislations is a sure sign that the government finances are totally koyak. Targeting the lowest-paid civil servants is a sure sign of extreme desperation.


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