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Green Thumb Wong Chen

I missed my 1 pm appointment due to the earlier massive jam. Why can’t they close 1 or 2 lanes of the 4 lane highway instead of the entire road. Another point is why don’t all the VIPs coordinate their exit in one large convoy and get it all done within 5 minutes, instead of multiple and separate convoys taking half and hour.

Anyway, with the cancellation of my meeting, I headed home to finish my gardening work. I am heading out again at 3.30 pm to a EU thing near KLCC at 4 pm. This morning, I decided to clean up the garden and also get a bit of excercise. I got out my Nepalese kikuri knife (which I bought last year and wanting to use) and cut down a small tree; the leaves were clogging up the roof gutter. That then led to me cutting down a bamboo palm that was somewhat diseased. Then I trimmed the lime tree. Then I decided to clear the shrubs. The condo garderners were amused and joined me on my ad hoc project. They helped me even out the old bed, and created new ones for me to plant lemongrass.

I found out that all 4 condo gardeners are from a small village near Chitral, Pakistan. I visited Chitral in 1997 and remember fondly going to the local polo field. The gardeners are all Pashtuns and the leader, Khan used to be a shopkeeper selling shoes. He left the business to his younger brother and decided to come to Malaysia for better prospects. He told me it is very hard here but did not want to elaborate. We talked about the Karakoram mountains and the brave and crazy truck drivers.


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