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Greetings from Gopeng and Ipoh

Greetings from Gopeng. Had great local specialty noodles “Lai Fun” in Gopeng food market and then proceeded to Gua Tempurung.

The cleanest public toilet in Malaysia has to be the one at Gua Tempurung! The cave is awesome and my son thinks this is the best day ever! We are off to Kellie’s Castle next. I will drop by to see YB Chang Lih Kang, as his office is nearby.

Good morning from Ipoh. Yesterday we visited Gua Tempurung, Kellie’s Castle and had lunch with YB Chang Lih Kang in Lawan Kuda. Then we checked into Kong Heng, a very hipster hotel in the heart of Ipoh Old Town’s revival. There is something to be said about the revival of Ipoh Old Town, it is looking a bit like Georgetown. However, Georgetown is older and has narrower charming streets. Ipoh is more organised in grid plan manner, wide roads, more chill (less commercial touristy) and has equally great food. Ipoh feels real with locals outnumbering tourists 50 to 1.

Last night, my family had a nice Chinese seafood dinner and Monday Night Chat fan/supporter settled the dinner bill (thanks Eugene and family!). After dinner, YB Lih Kang, Sandrea Ng and YB Dr Ko Chung Sen took me to sample Ipoh’s “snow beer”. Dr. Ko (DAP-Kampar) used to sit next to me in Parliament and we have become really good friends over the years.

This morning we continued checking out Ipoh, starting with the heart of Ipoh white coffee at Nam Heong restaurant. Great breakfast of curry noodle (Ipoh style) and the famous kuey teow soup.

We will push back to KL after lunch but will definitely return to Ipoh for another short trip.


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