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I gave a short talk on GST today at MPSJ. I explained the reasons why PKR is against the GST. Despite our big fight in Parliament last year, BN controls 60% of seats and pushed GST through. BN then started a nationwide campaign to promote it. So from a legislative/legal point, GST is unstoppable.

It also appears that GST is unstoppable despite a public outcry. Even Tengku Razaleigh’s last-minute appeal in Parliament as the most senior BN Parliamentarian was brushed aside by BN last week. This is simply because BN needs the money to cover all the financial and fiscal lubangs, 1MDB included. 

To cover all the lubangs, GST will cost on average RM700 per year per person. So if you are in a family of 5 persons, your expenses are expected to increase by RM3,500.

Thank you to Zone 3 JKP for organising the event.

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