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Happy Chinese New Year

7 February 2016 

I got home yesterday morning and have been down with fever since. I think I caught a chill on the plane from London to Dubai. Seeing a lack of improvement this morning (temperature still high 38.3° c), am going to try to find a doctor.

Later, the Wong clan will be gathering for our CNY eve late lunch. This year, we are having subdued celebrations since my grandmother passed away last year. The children, however are very excited to meet their new baby cousins. Last year, we had 3 new babies added to the clan.

Wishing all a very happy and prosperous new year. Attached are drawings from my son (lion dance) and daughter (flowers).


10th February 2016

I am still recovering from my fever. This morning the temperature is finally down to a minimal 37.4°c but then I have started coughing heavily. I hope to see a full recovery in the next two days. It’s been a restful and bedridden new year for me.

The upside is that it has allowed me to finish “The Buried Giant”, Ishiguro’s new book. A wonderful meditative book about memories, war and love in a strange medieval setting with orges, pixies and dragons.

The downside to being bedridden is that I worry a lot more about everything. I have been following the news of the stock markets the last 2 days. It is now pretty clear that after 7 years of printing money to help banks, but who then failed to lend to the real economy, that a major market correction is now unfolding. QE is a dubious policy at best but a damn dangerous one for failing to supervise and ensure banks use the money properly. Instead of lending to small to mid sized firms and the real economy, QE money went to the super rich at very, very low borrowing costs. The super rich then chased prime London and NY properties, internet stocks, short term investments in emerging markets. The merry go round went on and on, with no fundamental banking reforms. Today, these free money is now seeking super conservative shelters in the shape of developed country government bonds, offering negative yields. You know the end is near when speculative bankers starts buying conservative bonds.

15th February 2016

Our office technically “started” work last Friday with a simple ang pow and oranges ceremony followed by a lunch for staff and interns. Then we closed up the office. Today is therefore, our first full day of work since CNY.

I had a lunch meeting today with a foreign diplomat. Meetings with diplomats are essential. We learn as much from them as they do from us. After that I went to my office, had a meeting with the staff. We are now working on two new cases. One involves an abandoned 3 year old child in my constituency. I have assigned my two interns to follow up and see what can be done for this poor girl. Another case is a grisly murder of a teenage refugee and to see if we can get some justice for the victim.

Please note that our office is open for service night tonight from 8 pm to 10 pm.


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