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Happy New Normal to all Fathers and families

Happy Father’s Day to all!

Ever since the MCO, I have been lucky to have full weekends with the family since community and public political activities are suspended.

Today, I am gonna do a bit of DIY around the house, there is always something to repair. Yesterday, my nine year old son and I put new waterproof silicone on leaky tiles in the shower area.

I will also do a bit of woodwork later. I have just started wood carving a week ago. Am trying to carve a dog head, but it is looking more like a bear!

Since I was a child, I find wood carving fascinating. Maybe it’s the Kelantanese in me. I find it very meditative to whittle wood. It really helps to bring down the stress from politics, and helps me to see issues clearer. As for the bits of leftover whittled wood, I use them as kindling. Later to end the day, I will grill sausages on a bbq for the family.

Wishing all a happy day with family, stay safe!


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