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Hi Tea Event by Angkatan Wanita Amanah (AWAN)

Yesterday, I was invited to an Amanah women event in USJ. The Amanah ladies are led by a young PHD student Siti Sarah and guided by my elderly friend Hajjah Kamariah. It’s a good start for a very young party to put fresh faces into leadership positions.

It was a meet and greet event with some 50 women. I talked about my family and my budget for Kelana Jaya and urged them to help me with my welfare programs.

Haji Baha and Kamarul, the leaders of Amanah Kelana Jaya were also there. Together we were the token men, surrounded by a sea of women. I have a very good working relationship with Baha and Kamarul since their PAS days. In 2013, Haji Baha grilled me for an hour or so, then decided to support my candidacy for Kelana Jaya. I like his upfront approach because I too am like that.

A group photo with Amanah


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