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I Am One With the Force and the Force Is With Me

Here’s a small side Star Wars story.

As most of you who regularly folllow my office, we are big fans of Star Wars. My wife is an even bigger Star Wars fan than me. She is a supportive spouse, having agreed to let me pursue a career as an MP. This MP job has no rest day and does not pay. As such my wife has maintained a full time job until recently. She does not like the political limelight and is charting her own destiny as a consultant economist.

She does however get involved with my internship program. She gives the occassional talk to the interns on career paths and choices, but more importantly taps the interns to do extra research work. Many of my staff and interns have been trained by my wife on proper research discipline. We are both committed to mentoring the next generation of young leaders.

A few days ago, she surprised the office by christening our internship program as the Jedi Academy P104. She delivered a vanity car plate “Jedi Acad P104” and today the interns dressed up to return the favour to her.

Have a good weekend everyone and May the Force be with You.


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